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Two data visualizations explaining American involvement in the Middle East in the early 21st century.




This was a ten week-long research project for Karen Cheng's Information Visualization class. After a month of in-depth research, I grew intrigued by and decided to dig into the story of the US' hand in the formation and growth of ISIS. The first poster focuses on the narrative arc leading up to the emergence of the Islamic State, while the second poster is more of a traditional infographic for much of the fascinating data I discovered.

I went through many revisions:


Critique was absolutely invaluable in clarifying my narrative through revision, especially as I worked to develop a visual language for the concept of a symbiotic relationship / shared timeline. I experimented with several different visual treatments. Each revision features more visual representation of information—showing rather than telling—and, for the most part, each features less information than the one before, which I found to clarify and strengthen the narrative focus.