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Ventures Nonprofit

User research, design, photography, and front-end development for this local nonprofit.

Ventures Nonprofit

Empowering low-income entrepreneurs


Ventures is a Seattle-based nonprofit that “empowers aspiring entrepreneurs with limited resources and unlimited potential” by providing training and support services for low-income entrepreneurs. As a volunteer at Ventures I have contributed to design, photography, and marketing projects.

I designed and helped build a new website that made it easier for clients to access their services.

Working with their Communications Manager, we conducted research on what was working with their website and what wasn’t. Despite a redesign less than five years ago, they weren’t reaching people as well as they hoped.

Through interviews, observation, and usability testing, we learned that the website had some key problems, including:

  • It’s unclear what Ventures is about or what they do

  • The organization’s core values aren’t expressed

  • The site is difficult to use

We developed a new user experience focused on addressing these issues, empowering prospective clients and reflecting the core guiding principles of the organization (community, client success, empowerment, integrity, diversity, and innovation). The new site makes use of lots of white space, more intentional use of color, refined navigation, a responsive design, and more photos. The copy was all rewritten as well.

Feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, with one leading CDFI consulting firm calling the redesigned website their “new favorite website.”

My new favorite website is venturesnonprofit.org... a tutorial in messaging and framing.
— Jason Friedman, Principal, Friedman Associates

We designed and built an e-commerce shop that displays products made by Ventures’ clients. I assisted with design, photography, and photo editing.

I also designed and provided design consulting for marketing, outreach, and print promotional materials, including for their annual fundraising event, Innoventures.

Ventures Nonprofit Website 

Low- and medium-fidelity prototypes

Mobile prototype